Marketing Tips for Your Business in 2020


The digital world is always evolving and if you’re in it, you need to know how to go with the tides.

Only then will you be able to leverage your business online. In 2020, here are some marketing strategies that you should include in your plan:

Use Content to Educate

Search engines today, particularly Google, have become more user-focused. Google ensures that they only pull the most relevant and valuable results to a query. Gone are the days when you create content to have somewhere to add your keywords in to rank on search engines. This year, search engines and your customers have become more meticulous in terms of content quality.

Promotional content will no longer work, instead, use your content to educate your clients. What do they need to know? Do you have any valuable tips that your customers will find useful? Create content about this and not only will your content boost your rankings, but it will also make you an authority in your niche. GunHub marketing manager Ally Wong has said through their transition from 100% written content to a 50/50 spread between of written and video content, they’ve seen a significant improvement in new site visitors, time on site and reshares on social media.

Get More Personal

Say goodbye to generic emails and messages, they’re now things of the past. Now, if you want to woo a client and get them to notice you, you have to let them know and feel that you actually care about what they think or how they feel.

Therefore, it’s time to add a more personalized touch to the emails and messages that you send. The more personal you get with your clients, the better engagement for you. And when there’s good engagement, you can look forward to a better business reputation that will go a long way.

Find More Guest Blogging Opportunities

Businesses in the digital world are always looking to expand their reach. One effective way to do this in 2020 that will save you more time and potentially gain you more revenue in return is to let more people create content for your blog through guest blogging. Such content can bring in organic traffic and promising leads. Letting other people write content for you will take the burden off of your shoulders when it comes to content writing.

Use More Visual Elements

Visual elements such as video are still a popular digital marketing strategy that carried on through 2020. Videos and other visual elements on your website promote stronger bonds that will more likely let your customers buy. You can create tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

Do More Local SEO

Local SEO is known to be an effective marketing strategy and it will continue to be one this year. Prioritize your Google My Business (GMB) and you’ll be able to raise brand awareness. Use GMB to your advantage by creating posts and updates. Local SEO is important in driving searches today, so make sure that you’re using this as part of your marketing strategy this year.

So, are you ready to make the most out of your 2020? Use these tips and update your current marketing strategies and watch your business thrive!

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