Carbon Relay Raises $63M in Funding


Carbon Relay, a Boston, MA and Washington, DC-based provider of a solution to optimize application performance in Kubernetes environments, raised $63m in funding.

Insight Partners made the investment.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate the growth of its Red Sky Ops solution for optimizing application performance in Kubernetes environments.

Founded in 2015 by Matt Provo, CEO, Carbon Relay leverages machine learning and data science to automate and manage the complexity of finding optimal configurations for applications running in Kubernetes, eliminating the need for manual optimization by DevOps, networking, and IT professionals.

With Red Sky Ops, enterprises, cloud providers, and Kubernetes distribution providers ensure stability for their applications in production, free their most talented technologists from manually configuring applications, and end the practice of overprovisioning compute and storage resources to ensure application stability. Red Sky Ops makes it easy for development and operations teams to manage millions of possible combinations of application variables and configuration settings.

With the Carbon Relay platform, they can automatically identify and implement the best configurations for each application in any cloud environment.

Red Sky Ops allows teams to create application deployment experiments and then run them under load to identify optimal application configurations. It automatically creates accurate, comprehensive suggestions for optimal configurations and the best possible application performance on a continuous basis.



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