Top 7 PCB Design Software Tools

Circuit Board

Electronic engineers should understand the design and layout of electrical circuits. It can’t be effortless for an electronic engineer to work without PCBs (printed circuit boards).

For this reason, you will need the best PCB design software tool. These tools help you to design blueprints for PCBs. Engineers can use the software for co-operating during the design procedure, pulling old designs of circuit board components from libraries of PCB and verify schematic diagrams of circuits. See these best software tools available for your assistance.

1. Altium Designer

Altium Designer is the most famous PCB design tool in the market. You can simulate your circuit with Altium PCB software (IHRE SCHALTUNG SIMULIEREN MIT PCB-SOFTWARE VON ALTIUM). No doubt, Altium bridges all crucial aspects of the PCB design procedure to keep you connected to your design. Remember, PCB, schematic, layout, simulation and documentation make it easy for you to design top-tier electronics quickly. The design reuse and classified diagram will become easy with the user-friendly interface of Altium Designer.

2. PCB Artist by Advanced Circuits

Advanced Circuits is famous in the industry for its active customer base and best shipping record. You can trust their software tool for different electronic engineering products. If you need an intuitive solution, it can be a suitable choice. Its component library contains over 500,000 parts and free format Gerber files. You will get error reports for selected items.


You can choose this software for electronic design. With its powerful design technology, it can make your work easy. It features on-demand bidirectional mixing. Their PCB solutions offer a flawless collaboration of PCB and CAD designs.

4. Ultiboard by National Instruments

For engineering success, National Instruments offers Ultiboard software platform. It allows you to leverage an expansive ecosystem and modular hardware. With this tool, you can get the advantage of a quick prototyping atmosphere for PCB. Ultiboard enables you to save hours of development time.

5. DipTrace

With this software design tool, you can get board design, shape-based autoroute and smart manual routing. DipTrace is easy to use with its intuitive interface and amazing capabilities. For electronic engineers, DipTrace can be a suitable choice. Its single environment allows you to get the advantage of the direct converting circuit to board and updating from the back and schematic annotation.

6. XCircuit

Tim Edward (electrical engineer) is responsible for maintaining and writing XCircuit. It is a schematic capture (presentation) program and an EDA (electronic design automation) tool. You can make it an essential part of your PCB design toolbox to draw the best electrical schematic circuit diagrams. It allows you to produce circuit netlists and related figures via schematic capture.

7. KiCad EDA

An open-source and cross-platform electronics automation design suite comes with schematic capture, a 3D viewer and PCB layout. It is suitable for electronic engineers to create a design without limits. KiCad EDA is suitable to produce professional layouts annotation and inspect designs. With this tool, you can make a layout board quickly. It features almost 32 copper layers.

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