Google Acquires AppSheet


Google has acquired AppSheet, a Seattle, Washington-based no-code application development platform used by a number of enterprises across a variety of industries.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

With the acquisition, Google will allow enterprises to empower citizen developers to create and extend applications without the need for professional coding skills.

AppSheet complements Google Cloud’s strategy to provide a platform that allows enterprises to innovate with no-code development, workflow automation, application integration and API management as they modernize their business processes in the cloud.

AppSheet’s ability to power a range of applications—from CRM to field inspections and personalized reporting—combined with Google Cloud’s deep expertise in key verticals, will further enable digital transformation across industries like financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, communication and media & entertainment. With the acquisition, customers will be able to develop richer applications at scale that leverage not only Google Sheets and Forms, but other top Google technologies like Android, Maps and Google Analytics.

In addition, Appsheet customers will continue to integrate with a number of cloud-hosted data sources including Salesforce, Dropbox, AWS DynamoDB and MySQL.

The Seattle based, venture backed company was founded and led by CEO Praveen Seshadri.



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