Effective Ways to Secure Your Business Premises


Securing and making your business premises safe is critical for guarding your valuable assets. Its premises could be inventory, cash, confidential data and documents, housing computers, and more, relying upon the nature of your business.

And effective, reliable security systems can aid in reducing the risk of crime-related activities and give you peace of mind. For a little help, here’s how you can protect and secure your business premises from damage or theft. Read on to know more!

Identify Hazards and Risks Factors

Take note that every property is distinct and unique. Perhaps your business will have dissimilar points of entry compared to other buildings, different security options. Also, the location can differ wildly. Moreover, the property type of your business has an influence or effect on its security. For instance, office blocks are more difficult to secure or guard compared to retail stores within a shopping mall. Initially, you need to identify the hazards and risk factors presented by your business. It is wise to perform a risk assessment analysis to know what things will affect your security. Do consider your security budget, any clear weaknesses of your business premises, valuables you want to secure, people who have property access other than you, existing security systems and access points, and crime rates of the common types of crime in the area. Risk assessment helps you identify and determine the core issues of your security, and thus, give you ideas to resolve the problems.

Have an Alarm System

Against any kind of crime, alarm systems act as the first line of defense. Professionally installed and monitored systems inform or alerts a monitoring station and then notify the authorities in case of serious emergencies.

The most advanced and sophisticated security systems function via Wifi and make use of cloud storage. In this way, alerts and notifications can be checked or overseen through mobile devices.

Thus, minimizing the extra work caused by false alarms. Also, you need to make sure that a professionally installed security system is calibrated or serviced periodically. Additionally, it is wise to post a few signages in prominent places as it can help deter would-be intruders or thieves.

There are a lot of high-quality, effective, and reliable security systems available today. And among them is the Night Owl Security System. This alarm system offers Google Assistant integration, self-monitoring, and DIY installation.

What’s more, the Night Owl Security System is one of the inexpensive, budget-friendly options for securing your business premises. You will love the one TB hard drive, storing all of your photos and video footage from your surveillance cameras.

Another thing, the system comes with four Night Owl 1080p Wired Bullet Cameras. These cameras can work both outdoors and indoors, have 1080p HD video, and 140 field-of-view. Do read a Night Owl security system review in many online sites to see if this product meets your needs.

Install Security Cameras

Criminals, burglars, intruders, and thieves deemed CCTV cameras as the number one obstacle or hindrance against any crime. The presence of these cameras alone is more than enough to deter most thieves since many of them are usually opportunistic. The possible evidence or proof gained from clear-cut video recordings merely presents or gives them high risk. It’s particularly true when intruders have no idea of what valuables are within your business premises. That said, they are unaware that the pay-off may be worth the time and effort or not. Even for thieves who plan and carry out calculated robberies, security cameras still provide an impediment most burglars seek to avoid.

Smart Locks

The advancement of technology over the years has produced many methods of securing homes or business premises, from voice-controlled locks to advanced biometrics. With all of these sophisticated security options, businesses now have a lot of ways to protect and safeguard their building. Before, locks and keys were common. But remember that locks can be picked, and keys can be stolen. The good news is that today you can have security solutions beyond the common locks and keys. Now, you can monitor whoever enters your building through digital tracking, limit access to certain people, and use thumbprints to access buildings. Undoubtedly, smart locks are the “present” of business security, not the future. Any business premises can incorporate technology that increases the difficulty of acquiring unauthorized access.


Small businesses are more likely to be targets of burglaries compared to homes. As a matter of fact, the FBI 2016 crime statistics state that there were 412,743 reported burglaries in business establishments, which includes stores and offices. Keep in mind that no business is not liable or susceptible to intruders. For this reason, it’s critical to keep your business premises safe and secure. It should be your number one priority as a business owner. The steps mentioned above can help you cut down the risk of a burglary taking place.

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