Alderaan Biotechnology Secures €18.5M in Series A Funding

Alderaan Biotechnology

Alderaan Biotechnology, a Paris, France-based preclinical stage company focused on monoclonal antibodies development for the treatment of cancer, completed a Series A funding of €18.5M ($20.7M).

Backers included investors Advent France Biotechnology (AFB) and Medicxi. This follows a seed funding round of €1.5M ($1.7M) in 2017, led by AFB.

Founded by Pr Armand Bensussan, head of the Skin Research Centre, Saint Louis Hospital, Paris, and Pr Daniel Olive, head of the Immunity and Cancer team at Institut Paoli Calmette, Marseille, Alderaan Biotechnology focuses on developing technologies to deplete regulatory T (Treg) cells in cancer and to boost Natural Killer (NK) cell cytotoxic activity in cancer, both emerging as new immunotherapy modalities.

This funding round will support the finalization of preclinical development to reach Phase I clinical stage, with the company’s Treg depleting CD25-specific antibodies, by 2022. In parallel, the financing will also help validate the in vivo therapeutic potential of the NK asset related to the activating NK cell receptor CD160-TM (Alderaan’s second program).

Both Medicxi and AFB, represented by Michèle Ollier and Matthieu Coutet respectively, will co-lead the new investment as board directors.



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