10 Online iGaming Stocks You Can Invest In


While everyone is looking to the renowned stocks that have been in the exchange market for decades, some investors are shifting their focus on the online iGaming industry.

Most of us have by now tried betting on sports or playing online casino games. Recently, this is one of the industries that have been escalating at an alarming rate across the globe.

Besides the level of new gaming technology like mobile casinos, and live dealers giving this industry much support for visibility, the introduction and legalization of gambling in most countries have also contributed to its growth. But have you ever thought of investing in this industry as an investor?

Well, it is quite easy, and online casino is a fast-growing market as more and more countries legalize iGaming on the internet. From Canada, Sweden, China, the US, to the UK, the stocks might turn out to be a good investment. Here are ten iGaming stocks that everyone can invest in (this being intended exclusively for information purposes):

1. Ladbrokes – GP.22

This is another gambling stock that you can invest in that is on the London Stock Exchange. It is a benchmark in the United Kingdom when it comes to online betting. It is one of the most solid companies across the globe in this industry that has made its stocks very stable. After a close analysis of its 10 years in the stock market, experts call it a conservative investment.

2. NetEnt – NETB

This is another high-quality software provider in the virtual casino world. Every tester in Canada, usually go to this company as a quality seal. Although this company joined the gambling sector a little bit late compared to the others, it has been at the forefront when it comes to online casinos and popular slots. Its stocks in the Stockholm Stock Exchange has been doing well after overcoming stiff competition from the other companies in the market.

3. Stars Group – TSGI

Have you ever heard of PokerStars? This is the head and the hub of some of the largest poker sites across the globe. On the internet, it is one of the best gambling companies when it comes to its coverage. With its expertise in the field, it has positioned itself as one of the leading and key players in this industry. But, its stock and shares in the market have been volatile. It is on the Toronto Stock Exchange and it is good for the professional traders.

4. LeoVegas – LEO.ST

Over the past five years, this has been one of the most successful gambling company in Sweden. One of the things that giving LeoVegas a footing in online gambling is its smartphone casinos with the most popular one being Leo Vegas Casino. It has been making it possible for gambling fanatics to play their favorite online slots using their mobile phones. It is on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

5. Kindred Group – KIND-SDB

These stocks and shares from the Kindred Group are on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. It is one of the great companies with various betting sites revolving around sports, online casinos, bingos, and poker. Unibet happens to be the trademark of the Kindred Group which so is the largest betting site in sports globally.

6. Caesars Entertainment Corporation – CZR

For many years, this has been a landmark in the gambling industry. It has recently turned out to be one of the most interesting stocks to put your money. It is one of the leaders in the gambling industry that most investors are watching and aspiring to invest in.

7. MGM Resorts International – MGM

If you are a conservative investor and don’t want risks around you, then you can decide to go with MGM. It is trying to get to US betting which will definitely spearhead its stocks and entire market share. It is one of the gambling stocks that has a great presence in China and has been doing well from one year to another.

8. Scientific Games – SGMS

It is one of the stocks that have gained online dominance and beat stiff competition around online casino gaming. It has been a significant company in providing digital gaming services, content, and products. As an infrastructure provider, it has all the chances of growth in this market making it a good stock to watch.

9. International Game Technology – IGT

This is another innovative casino gaming company that is increasing and expanding its digital gaming expertise across the globe. Its live streaming avenue of Dynasty Electronic Table Game (ETG) will provide more games for its players like blackjack and the famous baccarat. With such kind of innovations, definitely, its stock will grow to make it a great gambling stock to put your money in.

10. Playtech – PTEC

This Israel based software developer is one of the popular casino software providers across England. It has its stock listed on the London Stock Exchange. Playtech is an expert in online casino gaming has released over 500 games. It uses some of the most advanced technology in virtual casinos. Considering the vast and fast growth of the gambling industry, if you are an active investor, then you can consider one of the above gambling stocks.


News, data and statement included in this article is intended exclusively for information purposes.

It should not be considered a recommendation for the purchase, retention, or sale of the securities referred to herein.

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