BC Platforms Raises $15M in Series C Funding

BC Platforms

BC Platforms, a Zurich, Switzerland-based genomic data management and analytics company, closed a USD $15m financing round.

The round was led by IQVIA (NYSE: IQV) in conjunction with Debiopharm Innovation Fund and Tesi. As part of its investment, IQVIA will have a designee on the BC Platforms’ Board of Directors.

The company will use the funding to expand its global network of clinical and genomics data, delivering novel automated solutions to pharmaceutical companies.

Founded in 1997 from an MIT Whitehead project spinoff and led by Tero Silvola, CEO, BC Platforms is a world leader in providing genomic data management and analysis solutions. The company has launched and opened a global network of biobanks, known as BCRQUEST.COM, to provide genomic and clinical cohort data for pharmaceutical and medical research and development.

BC Platforms also announced a new commercial collaboration with IQVIA . As part of it, the two companies plan to launch new data driven technologies, integrating complex clinical and genomic data, to benefit transformational research. To date, the company has established partnerships with approximately 100 enterprise level healthcare systems and biobanks globally in 25 countries and has recently established an entity in Singapore to spearhead its activities in Asia.

BC has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, research and development in Espoo, Finland, and sales and marketing in London, Boston, Vancouver and Singapore.



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