The Top 8 Most Popular Sponsor Brands in Sports


In the field of sports, big brands have contributed a lot of money and effort to sponsor campaigns for teams around the world. There have been many brands that have been successful with their brand coverage when it comes to their favourite team names.
In this article, we will introduce to you the top 8 most popular sponsor brands in the sports world today.

1. Pepsi

Surprisingly, Pepsi is the name that holds the number 1 position on this list. That is because the company has a large sponsorship deal with the top 3 sports tournaments in North America. Also, Pepsi will be the name to accompany the Indian Premier League in the next five seasons, besides the Cricket team of Pakistan.

2. Red Bull

Red Bull GmbH is the Australian beverage company behind the Red-Bull energy drink brand. One can mention the big names of the sports village associated with Red Bull such as R B Leipzig, FC Red Bull Salzburg, Red Bull Brasil, Red Bull New York, Red Bull Racing or Scuderia Toro Rosso. Besides, the company’s slogan which is “Gives you wings” is used a lot in sports activities.

3. Coca

Coca-Cola, the world’s leading beverage giant, sponsored the 1996 ICC Cricket World Cup. Previously, it sponsored the 1928 Olympics and the 1978 FIFA World Cup. In addition, Coca-Cola has a long term relationship with many soccer, basketball and hockey teams.

4. Samsung

The Korean electronics maker is involved in a variety of sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball or baseball. Samsung has also sponsored MLB matches. MLB is considered the most famous and prestigious tournament in the world and brings together the most qualified players in this field. Therefore, MLB Betting NJ has always received great attention from most baseball fans worldwide.

5. Puma

Puma which is a famous German sportswear brand owned by the Puma SE group. Currently, Puma sponsors many sports events in Germany, India (Indian Premier League) and many superstars of football, cricket. In particular, Puma also sponsors Usain Bolt, who is considered as the best athletes in the world.

6. Adidas

Like Puma, Adidas belongs to Adidas AG Group in Germany. This is also the official ball carrier for the last two World Cup seasons. Also, the company also sponsored a variety of different sports such as tennis, golf, cricket, rugby, baseball and hockey.

7. Reebok

Reebok is the sportswear representative of Reebok International Ltd – England. However, FC Köln football team in Germany has only been officially sponsored by this company. Besides, Reebok is also more widely known in the United States when sponsoring a number of teams playing in the NFL.

8. Castrol

Castrol is owned by BP Plc Company – a manufacturer of oil, gas and alternative energy. Castrol has sponsored many F1 racing teams for many years, and it has also been selected as the official engine oil brand for NFL. Besides, Castrol also sponsors four years of Australian Rugby Football.
It can be affirmed that sport deserves to be ideal land for media and advertising activities. Understanding these trends will help big companies and brands to formulate strategies or change the implementation process accordingly, with high efficiency.

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