Studying in Europe – Make It Happen!


Have you always wanted to experience life as a student in Europe? Have you always been fascinated by Europe’s history and diverse culture, with so many different places to visit right on your doorstep?

But are you daunted by the idea of coming to an unfamiliar country without support or concerned about whether studying abroad might set you back in your academic career? If so, then Franklin University Switzerland could be exactly what you’re looking for and here’s why…

Europe as your classroom

Studying abroad in Europe gives you more learning opportunities than you ever imagined! Even when you’re not in the classroom, just living in a different culture and learning how to get around, buy groceries, and meet people teaches you new things. Given its position in the heart of Europe, multilingual culture, and high quality of life, Switzerland makes the ideal location. It is also safe, efficient and, of course, everything runs on time! It may not be one of Europe’s cheapest countries but it is definitely the kind of place that gives parents peace of mind.

An American school in Switzerland

Founded in 1969, Franklin University Switzerland can give you all those experiences while offering you an American education. Helping students settle in quickly by providing support as well as independence, it won’t be long before you can speak enough Italian to feel at home in your adopted country. Getting out of your comfort zone, learning another language, and broadening your horizons helps you learn more about yourself in ways that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Studying at an American school in Switzerland like FUS perfectly combines these kinds of challenges within a safe and supportive environment.

A competitive advantage in the working world

With the experience of making that kind of cultural adaptation behind them, many of Franklin’s alumni go on to work in roles that require them to be internationally-focused. Whatever direction your career path takes, your experiences at an American school in Europe will help you acquire the confidence to succeed and conquer whatever situations you are faced with. Franklin graduates have gone on to work in fields as diverse as NGOs, international marketing, product development, and the arts.

Europe on your doorstep

Located on a hillside overlooking the Italian-speaking city of Lugano, Franklin University Switzerland’s unique academic set-up offers you plenty of opportunities to take advantage of its Academic Travel program. Offering a wide range of courses, you can tailor-make your curriculum to suit your own interests and opportunities. With a greater concentration on language and interdisciplinary study than most American schools, you will have the chance to acquire a cross-cultural perspective both inside the classroom and out.
Want to find out more? Check out Franklin University Switzerland’s website and start planning your next step to becoming a student in Europe.

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