How to Optimize Your Service Business

Search engine optimisation is a fantastic way of improving your website’s rankings in the popular search engines. As more and more people rely on the internet to find different services, it’s increasingly important that you have a strong online presence, as well as a quality ecommerce functionality, if you want your business to thrive.

When used in the right way, even the smallest of businesses can come up high in the search results, which drives organic traffic to your business and helps you to establish your brand. But while reaching page one of a search is the dream, knowing how to achieve it is tricky. Here are some tips on how you can optimise your service business and see results.

Develop Quality Content

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase ‘content is king’ when it comes to SEO and there’s a good reason for that – content is hugely important for any business who wants to optimise their site. Start by creating relevant, high-quality content that is based on specific topics that relate to your business. Make it well-written and most importantly, written for human readers – the better the content, the more likely it is that people will read it and share it, which boosts your traffic. Great content doesn’t automatically mean a flood of people will be hitting your site every day, but over time, it’s one of the best ways of building a lot of traffic and authority.

Include Keywords

While content should always be your priority, there’s no denying that millions of pages with great content are overlooked because they don’t include the right keywords. By just tweaking your content slightly to include the top keywords that people are searching for could be the difference between no traffic at all and thousands of hits each day. Keywords are the words which search engines use to assess a site’s relevance in relation to those terms. So, for example, if you have a physiotherapy business and someone searches for ‘shoulder physiotherapy’, search engines will match up that term with the sites that include relevant content. There are many tools online that will help you to assess the top keywords for your business so you can build content around them. However, don’t overuse them as search engines will look on this negatively – it’s best to use them sparingly but include a variety of relevant keywords that are associated with your services.

Focus on Good Titles and Clear URLs

The title of your webpage is incredibly important to SEO and it’s rare for a website to rank highly for a specific keyword if it doesn’t form part of the page title. Bear in mind that your homepage is already ranking for your business name, so you aren’t going to get better results by placing that at the forefront of every page title. Instead, remove the site name completely and replace each page title with a more SEO-friendly, keyword-orientated title. Not only does this look better to a user but it will work effectively in building your authority in searches.

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