Anonos Raises $12M in Growth Funding

anonosAnonos, a NY-based data privacy and enablement technology platform provider, raised $12m in growth funding.

The round was led by Edison Partners.

The company intends to use the funds to expand its solutions.

Led by CEO Gary LaFever and President Ted Myerson, Anonos provides Privacy Rights Management® solutions that enable organizations to lawfully use personal data and still respect and comply with data privacy rights.
The company’s dynamic pseudonymisation technology reconciles conflicts between protecting the rights of individuals and achieving business and societal objectives to use, share, combine and relink data in a lawful manner.
Anonos patented Variant Twins® enable sharing, collaboration, and analytics of personal data by technologically enforcing dynamic, fine-grained privacy, security and data protection policies in compliance with the GDPR and other evolving data privacy regulations.

The company’s patented solution enables full compliance with data privacy laws while also allowing data to continue to be distributed, shared and combined for use in business decisions, analysis, AI and ML applications.



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