Zcash Price Analysis and Prediction 2019

cryptoIn today’s crypto-driven world, people get to enjoy safe and fair transactions. People buy BTC with a credit card and store it in the online wallets. Produced by Zcash Company, Zcash is the combination of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

The primary goal of the developers was to develop a coin that could work as an alternative to Bitcoin. Basically, their aim was to come up with a coin that overcomes the Bitcoin drawbacks. Zcash lets users transfer their money to different corners of the world while keeping all the payment details private.

The transactions are processed in the original currency of the Zcash Company, which is ZEC. There are many wallets available for users who want to store and manage ZEC and other such cryptocurrency coins. According to the ZEC BTC price chart, 2018 didn’t prove a profitable year for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Without further ado, let’s get started with the Zcash price analysis and prediction 2019.

Why Zcash?

Zcash is mainly preferred because of its special cryptography that protects the privacy of the user. Unless the user agrees to share the transaction information, there’s no way for any third-party to get to know the transaction details. In simple terms, users get to enjoy a great level of security on Zcash transactions. In fact, it doesn’t reveal the number of transactions or the current ZEC balance of the particular individual or company.
Even though the market capital of Zcash has witnessed a downfall, it secures the 20th position in the cryptocurrency coins. The main reason why this special coin is receiving popularity across the globe is the increasing security concern.

2019 Market Prediction for ZEC

ZEC value is mainly based on the buying behavior and preference of the famous industry players. Even though it is quite difficult to predict if the Zcash value is going to stay the same or rise in 2019, we have come up with the advice of some famous market experts on Zcash price analysis. Let’s have a look.

Matthew Beck Price Analysis on ZEC

As tax regulations are getting tougher everyday and competition is on the rise, Zcash can turn out the perfect alternative to traditional banking methods. Matthew Beck believes that Altcoin is expected to reach up to $60,000 USD by the end of 2025 given that the investors keep on investing in cryptocurrency.

John Young Price Analysis on Zcash

John Young conducted the price analysis on Zcash using the Monte Carlo simulation trick, in which, the value of the coin is determined considering the current ZEC value and its previous performance. As per the 2018 price analysis, Young had estimated the price of the Zcash to lie somewhere between USD 9 and USD 1,073.

WalletInvestor Price Analysis of Zcash

WalletInvestor is a famous Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin price analysis platform on the internet. If the prediction of this website’s analyst is taken into consideration, the price of Zcash will drop below $5 USD. WalletInvestor believes that Zcash will witness a fall in its value from 53 USD to 3 USD in 2019.

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