Save Money With These Simple Business Hacks

business conceptStarting a business is both rewarding and challenging. You’ll get an endless feeling of satisfaction and gratification when you see your brainchild grow in front of you, but you’ll also spend many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to grow your company and solve the problems you’re facing.

It won’t be easy, but you’ll come out of that experience as a new person, someone who can take on any challenges they meet. The biggest of those, though, is money. At first, it’s about making money for your business, and then, later on, it’s about saving it. These tips will help you save some money in your business.

Create a budget

The first thing you have to do if you want to save money for your business is to create a budget. You can’t possibly hope to start saving without knowing how your expenses are faring compared to your earnings. So, start by budgeting your expenses in detail, so you could form a clear idea on how you’re spending money, and if there is any way you could improve your financial practices in the long run.

Buy used equipment

Speaking of expenses, who said you have to buy new equipment? There’s nothing wrong with buying second-hand office furnishings and some used equipment. You’ll easily find some pretty good items out there and for really great prices, which would save you a lot of money. eBay alone has thousands of products you can use to furnish your office, and most come at a bargain. So, instead of just buying new equipment, try you get some pieces used.

Hire wisely

One of the biggest expenses in the world of business is, employees. True, you’re investing in getting the best people to do the job, which is important for any growing business, but you can do it a bit wisely to save some money in the long run. Instead of getting three different people to do three different jobs, get one that can do all of those, saving you a lot of money and time. You could also hire freelancers and part-time employees, which is a great strategy because they don’t cost as much, and some jobs don’t really need a person working full time. So, you could outsource such tasks and cut costs.

Buy in bulk

That is generally a good strategy, whether it’s for your business or your personal shopping. Buying in bulk means saving per item price, and you get great discounts. Even if you don’t necessarily need that item in excess right now, you should always look ahead, because chances are, you will need those spare pieces once your business grows. What harm can 500 pens at a bargain do anyway?

Leverage technology

Technology has helped businesses in more ways than one could possibly count, and it continues to do so. One of those ways is providing businesses and owners with a way to save money, and you can start doing that by using price-tracking apps, which are of great help. Apps like Ebates can help you get alerts whenever the price of a product drops. That way, you’ll save money when you buy at discounted prices.

Save on mail

One area that a business could save a lot of money in is mail, and most don’t even know they can. How it usually goes is companies pile up their mail, incorrectly weigh it, and then stamp each letter and flyer manually. This is extremely time-consuming, and you pay extra money for the incorrect weights. As the article at explains, your best option is to use franking machines. These devices not only give you special discounts on mailing prices—which saves you a lot of money in the long run—but they also significantly reduce the time it takes to process and stamp mail since the process is entirely automated. There are plenty of different types of franking machines out there, and each has a different processing capacity—some can even process very large mail volume per hour.

Look for free options

In the digital world we live in, almost everything is done online, and you need a lot of different software to do your bidding. The key is in looking for free options as much as you can, and they are plenty. Most tools and software solutions out there provide a free option for smaller businesses, and this is exactly what you need. True, you don’t get the full potential of the tool, but do you really need all the available options? The answer is most likely no. So, always go for the free options until you find a certain software that you really do need to upgrade. You’d be surprised how much money you can save by doing this.

Market creatively

Marketing is one of the biggest budget clauses for most companies, but it doesn’t really have to be so. It all comes down to how well you can create a strategy that doesn’t drain your resources, while there are cheaper and more efficient options out there. Who needs TV spots and paid billboards when you have social media? You have the greatest marketing tool ever invented, and you don’t really need much else next to it. Capitalize on the power of social media, which doesn’t really need any investment other than hiring competent personnel to create successful campaigns for your brand.


Not everybody will go along with this, but bartering is actually a great way to save costs. It’s basically getting the services you need from companies that offer them, in exchange for services you provide. It might seem a bit much, but it’s efficient and a win-win situation for everybody—especially you, since you’ll have saved the money for those services.

Saving money might be challenging, but it is extremely doable. It just takes a little effort and planning on your end. You’ll find that there are plenty of pointless costs and expenses you’re regularly paying, when you can save all that through a little bit of planning and some leveraging of available technologies.

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