Renewable Energy Companies in the UK Stock Market

Renewable energy is the future, there is no doubt about this.

People are realizing more and more that renewables are the sustainable, beneficial, and economically sound alternative to fossil fuels. Finally, they are beginning to put their money where their mouth is and support renewable companies with their dollars. Consumers are buying more renewable products.

Now, you can even invest in these companies, many of which will continue to be successful into the future. For example, the government of the UK aims to provide 15 percent of energy from renewable sources by 2020. As a the world transitions away from dirty energy and moves on to green sources of power, renewable businesses will thrive. Many know this and are getting in on these companies early. There are three key energy companies producing renewables on the UK stock market. Here they are.

The Good Energy Group

The Green Energy Group is a 100 percent renewable electricity provider. They have been making a lot of waves with their completely green business model, and now the company is making news on their latest endeavors. Recently Green Energy Group launched One Point, an electric car charging offer for UK businesses with a pilot at the Water Bay Hotel in Cornwall. With the number of electric vehicles set to reach 1,000,000 by 2022, or three percent road traffic, there will need to be three chargers for every 100 car spaces.
Founded in 1999, Good Energy Group began with the ambition to take on climate change issues by investing in renewable energy. You can do to the same. The ostensible success of the company is encouraging people to invest in it by buying stock in the business. With the support of investors, they plan on doing this like offering charge stations and working with technology companies to lower the average person’s carbon footprint, it seems that their success is coinciding with the need for these green energy solutions.


Another one of these companies is EQTEC. This is a year waste-to-energy specialist. They have completed their first maintenance contract with Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB). TMB is the main public transport provider in Barcelona and EQTEC has been tasked with the total overhaul of the engine cogeneration unit at Horta Station in the city. After this is completed, EQTEC will retain preventative maintenance on a control until May 2020 for a second project at Triangle Station.
EQTEC are experts in taking what we think of as waste and turning it into energy. This can be with a lot of materials, and what we do now is just the beginning. According to the site MoneyPug, which is widely used in the UK to compare gas and electric, their state-of-the-art waste gasification technology has made them a success. The revenue of EQTEC more than doubled in the first half of trading and implemented cash-saving initiatives in a push to reduce their annual costs by around 30 percent. It is no surprise that people are interested in investing in this company. Not only are they specialists in a league of their own, it appears to be working.


Lastly, there is PVCS. PVCS is a company that has sustained great success while trading at an attractive share price with solar panel technology. For an area not known for stability, PVCS has managed to carve out a healthy financial place and becoming a hotspot for investors. Their stock prices are still low so that makes them an enticing company to invest in because they show every sign of moving up the ladder. While they are not innovating as much as EQTEC or finding new market needs, they are producing solar technology that we all need to transition to and utilize. With the energy sources becoming more and more prevalent, PVCS shows every sign of continuing their success.

Investing in Solar

There is currently every reasons in the world to invest in renewable energy. Not only is buying stock good for you, it will likely lead to great wealth in the future, it is the right thing to do for the planet. Making green energy cheaper is a huge priority and these companies and their investors are facilitating that and looking towards the future.

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