Online Gaming Platforms – A Business Role Model

The success of online casinos in Canada has not just been about profits for gamblers. Within the industry and outside of it too, the steady rise of online gambling is a lesson learnt in sound business practices and ethics. The last few years especially has been extraordinarily lucrative for companies and people who have invested in online casinos, with the future looking brighter than ever.

One of the reasons for the success of online casinos has been its integration with other businesses. There were always risks involved, especially at the beginning, when the industry struggled to find enough players. But now, thanks to technology and a growing acceptance amongst those initially sceptical, the scope of online casinos is on the rise. Furthermore, they are becoming an integral part of life in terms of having fun and making money. Although the gaming industry has been immensely successful this last decade, there is still scope for more. This makes online casinos a profitable option for venture capitalists wanting to invest in both upcoming and established websites. But what makes online casinos a role model for others? Let’s find out.

The Business Model

At the very heart of online gambling’s many accomplishments, is their business model. Online casinos were always a threat to their land-based counterparts, but are now proving to be a success story when it comes to profiting by having an online presence. As retail shops close down across the world, companies are looking at the online casino model to attract buyers online and withstand these uncertain economic times.

Customer Interaction

While the basics of the online business model have been in play for decades, online casinos have gained trust by putting their customers first, and that is where many other businesses are failing. The variety of games on online casinos make it possible for all types of people to earn money. Moreover, a gambler can enjoy playing blackjack in Canada, poker in the UK, or slots in Australia, thanks to the casinos now literally being in the palm of our hands. With the help of bonuses and offers, they allow players to try before they invest money; another aspect of business that puts customers first. Customer experience is the driving force behind the gambling industry, and it’s something other companies can learn a lot from.

Cross-Industry Development

Online casinos have always been about collaborating with different industries to provide a holistic product for their customers. From leading game developers to the inclusion of modern-day payment options, there is an omnipresent need to integrate the latest technology into their user interface and stay a step ahead of the competition. This sense of forward-thinking and the courage to experiment has proven to be profitable for online casinos and an important teaching point for firms that often hold back on revolutionary advancements fearing their outcome.


Contrary to popular belief, online casinos are responsible for more than 40,000 jobs in Canada. From all the software developers to hiring dealers for live games, there are multiple job opportunities across fields that rely on the gambling industry. Moreover, new job positions are opening up in other businesses, such as payment gateways, customer support, and game development, that are directly or indirectly associated with online gambling.

Lastly, online gambling companies have been role models when it comes to sharing their wealth. Giving back to the community and supporting several charitable causes have made them true champions amongst everyday people.

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