Cofe App Raises Series A Funding; Valued at $25M

cofe teamCofe App, a Kuwait-based coffee-centric marketplace app, raised a seven figure Series A funding.

The exact amount of the investment was not disclosed. It is known that the company was valued at USD$25m.

Backers included a consortium of regional and international strategic investors.

The funds secured during this round will support Cofe App’s worldwide expansion plans.

Led by Ali Al Ebrahim, Founder & CEO, Cofe App Since provides a mobile application that brings coffee shops including international franchises as well as artisanal shops onto one intelligent platform. This enables featured shops to expand their business offerings and services by taking their products online. The app offers a customer rewards program that enables customers to collect points and redeem them with prizes and extensive menu options that enable drinks customization (for example: sugar, milk type, and other add-ons), multiple delivery options, including fast delivery to office or home, store pick up, and in car delivery service, catering services for meetings and private banquets, with on-site kiosk and barista service and payment options, including cash-on delivery, debit cards and credit on the account. It is available both in English and Arabic.




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