Best Magento Extensions to Increase sales of the Online Store

ecommerceIt doesn’t matter if you use the free Magento Community open-source platform or Magento Commerce, most of the settings on this platform depend on the extensions you use.

Extensions range from optimizing site data to a complete e-commerce package.

I suggest you consider a few additions that I would recommend you use if you own an e-commerce site.

1. Omnisend

Omnisend is a set of marketing tools for various tasks. In minutes, you can automatically set up customer lists and automate the distribution of emails. Omnisend can use several channels at once, e.g. e-mail, SMS, web push notifications, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp and much more.

Obvious advantages:

Nice and intuitive interface. No matter if you use a template or configure it from scratch, the program interface will be clear to any user.

Segmentation of the audience. The extension analyzes customer profiles as well as customer behavior. With this selection, you make your newsletter more accurate.

Reliable automation. Multiple channels are combined into one and you only use this multiplatform.

Contact Capture: Landing pages, dynamic pop-ups, inline forms and Wheel of Fortune game uniforms help you capture contacts easily.

2. Facebook Pixel for Remarketing

If you want to set up an advertisement to show your products on Facebook, you can’t do without this extension Magento. How does it work? The client enters your site and considers your products, Facebook Pixel first collects data about the user and then displays the ads on the user’s co-branded platform. This is a great strategy in order not to miss out on customers who accidentally came to your site or quickly closed it down.

Obvious advantages:

Automatically. Data collection is automatic and you do not need to do anything about it.

Monitoring. This extension itself collects information about users and uses it personally on Facebook pages.

Configuration of the product catalog: Your products are exported to Facebook in 2 clicks.

3. LiveChat

LiveChat is an extension of Magento to communicate with your customers when they explore your site. It tracks customer behavior when viewing a web page and sends a ping message.

Obvious advantages:

Templates: With the right templates, you or your manager won’t even have to spend time talking to the customer. The extension will be able to answer typical questions automatically.

Customization: You can customize each part of the chat window to match your website.

Analytics: You get a full report with your chat history anytime, anywhere. You can always connect to the chat room yourself, if you want to sell in person.

4. SEO Suite Ultimate

The key marketing tool is SEO. Therefore, despite the fact that Magento is supplied with SEO support, this tool needs to be serviced. And accelerated mobile pages extension for Magento 2 named SEO Suite Ultimate will do the job best

Obvious advantages:

Canonical URLS: so you can have multiple pages and products in different categories.

Cross-references: Use cross-references to multiple internal and external pages to improve navigation.

SEO templates: You can use the same SEO template for your products to make it faster and easier to index new products.

5. Nosto

Automatic recommendations are a determining factor in receiving an order and increasing income, respectively. Nosto is ideal for this. This expansion will automatically give recommendations to the client, based on the key points of his presence on the site.

Obvious advantages:

Recommendations in the right place: Set up a place to display the recommendation on your own, so as not to overburden the site with information.

Advertising on Facebook & Instagram: Redirect your customers to related products based on their store behavior.

Personalization: Nostro not only offers items but also takes into account customer behavior. The offer becomes not thoughtless, but personal.

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