Keranova Raises €24M in Second Financing Round

healthcareKeranova, a Saint-Etienne, France-based company specializing in the development of surgical ophthalmology equipment, raised €24M ($26.5M) in second financing.

Backers included current shareholders Mérieux Equity Partners and Supernova Invest, as well as Financière Arbevel, Tourrette Investissement and other international partners.

The company intends to use the funds to speed up the development of its technologies and to obtain the regulatory authorizations needed to market its solution for precise, repeatable and automated robotized procedures for cataract surgery.

Led by Fabrice Romano, CEO and founder, Keranova develops instruments for ophthalmic surgery. The company aims to develop a new surgical instrument featuring new technology, allowing for a new approach to current surgical procedures and substantially reducing manual intervention in favor of automation.
Keranova is leveraging the results of research undertaken jointly by two world-renowned multidisciplinary teams at Jean Monnet University in Saint-Etienne.
The ultra-fast robotized laser developed by the company treats patients for cataracts and at a later stage, could tackle refractory problems, such as myopia and astigmatism.
The first clinical prototype for a robotized laser, designed and developed in Saint-Etienne, France, was produced through a series of major innovations protected by 11 patent families. The device treated its first patients in December 2018. This technique, which replaces traditional phacoemulsification using manual equipment, cannot currently be used with other laser devices that are fitted with old, and soon obsolete technology.



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