Doro Acquires Invicta Telecare, for SEK 60M

doroDoro, a Swedish public company that develops telecom products and services for seniors, acquired Invicta Telecare Ltd. (Centra Pulse and Connect), a UK-based telecare company, for SEK 60m.

The seller was Clarion Housing Group.

The acquisition will enable Doro to strengthen its UK market position. Together with its existing business, the company will handle close to 200,000 connections in the UK.

Led by Carl-Johan Zetterberg Boudrie, President and CEO, Doro develops telecom products and services for seniors including easy-to-use mobile phones and smartphones, mobile applications, fixed line telephony with loud and clear sound.
Doro Care offers social care and telecare solutions for elder and disabled persons for independent and safe living in their own homes.
Net sales of SEK 1,906 million (EUR 186 million) were reported for 2018.
The company, quoted on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm exchange, Nordic List, Small Companies, has acquired UK-based telecare company Welbeing, with approximately 80,000 telecare connections, in June 2018.

Centra Pulse and Connect is one of the top three telecare monitoring services in the UK and are a key provider of out-of-hours contact services for local authorities, housing associations, private businesses and charities. The monitoring service is the largest part of the business and employs 55 full-time equivalents, monitoring 106,000 telecare connections and incorporating a wide range of devices.
Revenue for Invicta Telecare Ltd. for the financial year 2018 was GBP 6.3 million (approximately SEK 77 million).



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