Access Vascular Raises $6M in Funding

Access VascularAccess Vascular, a Bedford, Mass.-based medical device company developing intravenous devices from novel biomaterials designed to minimize the risk of bloodstream infection, catheter thrombosis, and vein trauma, raised $6M in funding.

Backers included new and existing investors.

The company intends to use the funds to:

  • launch its FDA-cleared HydroPICC device,
  • initiate its first post-market registry study, and
  • expedite new product development to expand its portfolio of reduced thrombosis intravenous devices.

Founded in 2015 by James Biggins, CEO, Access Vascular develops intravenous catheters and ports from patented biomaterials which are biocompatible and capable of long-term infection protection. Its first product HydroPICCTM began commercial use in early 2019, with future applications including midlines, dialysis catheters, ports, and other devices.



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