Universal Labs Opportunity Fund Launches

Universal Labs Opportunity FundLas Vegas, NV-based Universal Labs Opportunity Fund has launched to invest in the development of natural medicines for prevention and treatment of cancer.

Series A round is targeted to raise $50m in 2019.

Led by Paul Peterson and Chas Radovich, Universal Labs is a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund established to make seed and early stage capital investments to accelerate development and commercialization of medical-grade products derived from botanicals, including CBD and THC, and probiotic bacterium.

The fund will enable small investors to share in the opportunity to support entrepreneurs in their development of innovative products with applications to treat cancers, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, and opioid addiction, among others.
The strategy is to invest private equity in Qualified Opportunity Zone-based high-growth businesses.

All portfolio companies must be able to demonstrate proof of concept with established acceptance of similar product and service offerings, must be scalable and able to transfer IP.




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