The Most Valuable Online Resources for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

ecommerceEven though it’s easier than ever to set up a business and start selling, the fact is that entrepreneurship remains a challenge.

While the internet has opened the doors of the business world wider than ever before, there are still many barriers to overcome for success. Ecommerce is the fastest-growing retail sector in the world and is only expected to grow.

With trillions in sales happening every year, it’s no wonder that entrepreneurs are keen to catch their own share of that market. From the digital challenges that can hinder ecommerce growth, to new ways of tackling traditional entrepreneurial problems, here are the most valuable resources for those launching or running an ecommerce outlet.

Keyword Planners

Marketing is a vital element of ecommerce. Digital marketing can be complex, but if you get it right then your ecommerce venture will have a much greater chance of success. One of the main factors affecting your likelihood of business growth is your use of keywords. From your blog design to your marketing content, using the right keywords for your brand is crucial. There are many online tools for improving your keyword research, and you should have at least a basic understanding of one of the following:

Google Keyword Planner
– Moz Keyword Explorer
– Keywords Everywhere

By integrating keywords into your marketing and communications strategy you make it easier to be found by the right consumers. Any ecommerce entrepreneur that is not using keywords as part of their growth strategy is missing out on a valuable weapon in the fight for online visibility.

Finding The Right FinTech Products

The ecommerce entrepreneur needs to keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to new products that can help with financial matters and technology. While there are plenty of comparison websites available online, these are not as comprehensive as they could be and tend to focus on consumers rather than business owners. If you want to know the best VPN to use in the office or you’re weighing up the pros and cons of the different crowdfunding platforms, then it’s a good idea to bookmark – Compare the best products in the financial and technology sectors, and you could be gaining insights that your competitors are lacking. When ecommerce is such a hard-fought sector, it’s essential that you keep up with the latest trends and technologies, and this handy resource provides plenty of value.

Ecommerce Blogs

There is a wealth of information available to entrepreneurs, but it can often be drowned out in an ocean of dull, uninformed, and opinionated blogs that have little in terms of benefits. If you want to fine-tune your ecommerce brand then making a habit of reading the best entrepreneurial and ecommerce blogs every morning is an excellent way of starting the day right. In amongst the dross of the business blog pages, there are gems available too. Make sure that you get familiar with:
– A Better Lemonade Stand
– eCommerce Fuel
– The Shopify Blog
– Bootstrapping Ecommerce

Make these your morning read and you will gain a wealth of information that could make all the difference when it comes to growing your business and making more of your sales figures.

Using Social Media

Despite the controversy that is social media, it remains one of the most valuable tools for brands around the world. From Facebook to LinkedIn, social platforms are ideally suited for reaching new people and enticing them to your web pages. While social media should never be relied on for marketing, using the right tools and resources can help you get more from your Tweets and Instagram feeds. There is a huge variety of tools available for ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to make better use of social media. It’s worth researching:
– HootSuite
– Buffer
– Sprout Social
– CoSchedule
– Nuvi
– MeetEdgar

These all have their own benefits and features, so make sure that you familiarize yourself with their individual elements. The way that social platforms have been designed can make it very easy to get lost in meaningless browsing, and these resources can cut down on the time that you have to spend on social media marketing, allowing you more freedom to work on more proactive tasks.

Ecommerce allows entrepreneurs to tap into a potentially world-spanning consumer market. While there are certainly challenges to overcome when it comes to building the best ecommerce outlet, by using the high number of available online resources makes success far more likely. If you’re preparing to launch a bootstrapped startup or your ecommerce store is losing traffic by the day, then it’s time to start making use of the best online resources available in an increasingly digital business world.

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