HotSpot Therapeutics Acquires Macroceutics

HotSpot Therapeutics HotSpot Therapeutics, Inc., a Boston, MA-based biotechnology company advancing the discovery of nature’s regulatory sites to advance allosteric drug discovery, acquired Macroceutics, Inc., a provider of DNA-encoded library (DEL) screening technologies.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The acquisition will enhance HotSpot Therapeutics’ SpotFinder™, a drug discovery platform that systematically predicts, drugs and differentiates unique regulatory hotspots on proteins. As part of the transcation, the company will be able to leverage approximately 1 billion custom drug-like molecules, the company’s full suite of DNA-based chemistries, and a fully enabled screening platform.
The Macroceutics team will join HotSpot Therapeutics, thereby establishing a new in-house DEL capability that will focus on custom library/methods development, screening of HotSpot pipeline and partnered targets and novel method development.
Ken Carson, PhD, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Macroceutics, Inc., will lead the DEL screening group as Executive Vice President, Chemical Sciences.

Led by Geraldine Harriman, PhD, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, HotSpot Therapeutics is targeting nature’s regulatory mechanisms to create allosteric medicines that exhibit high precision and potency. The company leverages its proprietary SpotFinder™ technology, a platform designed to identify “regulatory hotspots,” a unique family of pockets that sit remote from the active site on a protein and are used by nature to control protein function.
The company has identified more than 100 regulatory hotspots across a range of proteins and pathways.
Its lead compounds include the first and only allosteric inhibitors to target PKC-theta for autoimmune diseases, and S6 kinase, an immuno-metabolic enzyme involved in the regulation of hepatic insulin sensitivity and mitochondrial function – an important new target for NASH and metabolic diseases.




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