Formant Buys Formation

formantFormant, a San Francisco, CA-based robot fleet management software company, acquired Formation, a Pittsburgh, PA-based robot teleoperation startup.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

With the acquisition, the company will add robot remote control to its fleet management solutions.
Formant will integrate the startup’s solution to enable customers to remotely control their robots through its browser-based, cloud-enabled robot fleet management system.
Founded in 2018 by a small team led by James Turnshek, Formation will retain the office in Pittsburgh, giving the company a presence in both hotbeds of robotics.

Led by CEO Jeff Linnell, Formant optimizes data flow from robots to cloud, to 3rd party applications and downstreams apps, all the way through to its own dashboarding product that enables out-of-the box monitoring, alerting and intervention solution. Later this year, complete remote control will be added.

Linnell was previously the Director of Robotics at X, Google’s ‘Moonshot Factory’.



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