ED2 Corp Teceived Investment from DVI Equity Partners

ed2corpElectronic Design and Development Corporation (ED2), a Tucson, AZ-based 5G technology company, raised a series A funding round of undisclosed amount.

The round was led by DVI Equity Partners. Beside growth capital, DVI will provide business and operational expertise to accelerate ED2’s growth and leadership in the global 5G market.

Founded in 2018 and led by President Sergio Cardona, Electronic Design and Development builds 5G infrastructure hardware for next generation advancements in telecommunications. Its product portfolio includes:
– Low-cost band pass technology for 5G radio, radar, cellular, mobile, general wireless, loT and millimeter wave applications that filter out interfering frequencies and provide clean signals;
– A universal 5G wireless software-defined repeater that can extend current 5G range by 10 times, providing greater penetration through glass and walls and around corners;
– A low-cost, low-power consumption 5G antenna designed to moderate noise and expand the range and power of 5G, satellite and other communications applications.



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