Bioenergy DevCo Receives $106M Investment from Newlight Partners

Bioenergy DevCoBioenergy DevCo, a Columbia, MD-based global developer of anaerobic digestion facilities with more than 200 plants throughout the world that create renewable natural gas and healthy soil products, received its $106M first institutional investment from Newlight Partners LP.

The company intends to use to expand its operational presence in North America, working with municipalities and corporations to develop anaerobic digestion facilities that naturally transform organic waste into renewable natural gas and an organic soil amendment, reducing landfill waste and carbon emissions.

Led by Shawn Kreloff, founder and CEO, Bioenergy Development Company is a world leader in the finance, design, construction, engineering, and operation of anaerobic digestion facilities.
Through its wholly owned subsidiary BTS Biogas, the company can guarantee facility performance of its more than 200 facilities worldwide by leveraging Anaerobic Digestion, a technology platform that naturally breaks down organic wastes, typically headed for incineration, crowded landfills, or left to pollute local environments and instead turns the waste into renewable natural gas and an organic soil amendment.

BDC uses anaerobic digestion as an environmentally sound means of creating a true source of renewable energy while processing organic wastes and reducing air, water, and soil pollution in local communities.



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