Ablacon Enters Into $10m Venture Debt Facility with WTI

ablaconAblacon, a Wheat Ridge, CO-based company developing an advanced mapping system to guide the treatment of atrial fibrillation (AFib), has entered into a $10m venture debt facility with Western Technology Investment (WTI).

The debt is accompanied by a $2m equity investment in the company.

This round of financing is in addition to the $21.5m Series A investment led by Ajax Health in May 2019.

This financing will help fund the company’s first multicenter randomized clinical trial for Ablamap, an advanced mapping system for patients with atrial fibrillation.

Led by Duke Rohlen, Executive Chairman, Josef Koblish, Chief Strategy Officer, and Melissa Kong, M.D., Associate Medical Director, Ablacon has developed a system which uses machine learning to precisely localize and characterize the sources of AFib and to guide targeted therapy by visualizing the Electrographic Flow within the cardiac chambers.
The company’s technology obtained CE Mark in 2018 and is currently being used in Europe.



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