Top Canadian Companies in 2019

canadaCanada has one of the well-developed business sectors in the world and is a homeland for worldwide businesses and corporations.

As you could guess the top 20 companies in Canada are operating in the Financial sector, or in the field of natural sources as the country is rich with them.

For example, the biggest company in Canada by market capitalization value is the Royal Bank Of Canada with 111.46 Billion USD market cap. It is followed by Toronto Dominion Bank, Enbridge INC which produces energy, oil, and gas. On the fourth place is the Bank of Nova Scotia and the list of the five biggest companies is finished by the Canadian National Railway company with the market cap of 63.56 Billion USD. The other companies in the list of the top 20 biggest companies are also banks, national companies, and corporations that operate in the sector of natural resources. It is very logical, hence in this list, we will focus on other sectors and showcase the biggest Canadian companies in the field of entertainment, food, and beverage industry, and etc.

Molson Coors Canada Inc

Molson Coors Canada Inc is a subsidiary company of Molson Coors Brewing Company and is the only company in the sector of beverages that are included in 500 biggest Canadian companies. It is on the 37th place in Canada business ranking with the 13.16 Billion USD market cap. The multinational brewing company was established in 1786. It produces beer, markets, sells and distributes various types of beer brands in Canada. Some of the brands produced by the company include Molson Canadian, Staropramen, Cobra, Coors Light, Henry’s Hard and many more.

The Stars Groups Inc

The Stars Group Inc. is a Canadian entertainment/games company which is on 78th place on the national rank of the biggest companies. In March 2019 the company had the market cap of 4.56 Billion USD. The company runs several brands that allow Canadians to play casino games online. The company brands include Pokerstars, BetStars, Pokerstars Casino, Pokerstars live, Full Tilt, Sky Betting and Gaming, and Beteasy. The company offers multiple poker tournaments, betting opportunities and gaming. It is one of the most beloved entertainment companies by Canadians. After all, if you are the lover of playing casino games, or love to bet on various sports events, you would definitely hear the famous motto of the company – crafted by players for players.

Restaurant Brands International Inc.

Tim Hortons, Burger King, and Popeyes, these are the fast food chain brands that are operated by the Restaurant Brands International Inc. The company has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. It is in the 15th place of the top 500 Canadian companies on the Toronto Stock Exchange with the market capitalization cap of 29.08 Billion USD. On a global scale, the company runs over 25000 restaurants in 100 countries and is still expanding.

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