Immunicom Raises $11M in Series B Funding

cancerImmunicom, Inc., a San Diego, CA-based biotechnology company focused on advancing a non-pharmaceutical solution for treating late-stage metastatic cancer, raised $11m in Series B funding.

Several private equity family offices participated in the financing, which now increases Immunicom’s overall capital raised to $20m.

The proceeds from this financing will help fund the 170-patient, randomized, multi-center, triple-negative breast cancer clinical trial the company began May 31, while also accelerating continued expansion of its global strategic partnerships.

Led by Amir Jafri, Founder and CEO, Immunicom is a medical technology company focused on developing innovative, non-pharmaceutical approaches for treating cancer, inflammatory diseases, and autoimmune diseases. Its blood-filtering technology has the potential to treat a wide variety of cancer types including those that have not responded to other treatment strategies including other drug and biological-based immunotherapy options with possibly fewer side effects.

The new immunotherapy treatment Immunicom has developed is called Immunopheresis™ and offers the potential to revitalize a cancer patient’s immune system to naturally fight tumor cells without introducing any new chemicals, proteins or antibodies into the body. Performed utilizing out-patient procedures analogous to standard dialysis treatments for removing unwanted waste products from a patient’s bloodstream through external filtration, Immunopheresis™ uses the company’s proprietary blood filtering device technology to extract tumor-produced proteins in the bloodstream that inhibit the body’s natural immune system from attacking and eradicating tumors.



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