Central Bank of Russia Confirms Oleg Boyko’s Reliable Business Reputation

Oleg Boyko

According to the announcement made by a major Russian financial regulatory body, the Central Bank has confirmed its view that Oleg Boyko is a reliable businessman, in full accordance with the standards of federal law 281.

International investor Oleg Boyko has over 30 years of first-hand worldwide entrepreneurial business experience in a wide range of industries. With a group of investors, he started Finstar Financial Group in 1996, focusing on managing and consulting diversified portfolio companies and assets. Finstar is strongly centred on fintech at the moment, its investment footprint covers over 30 countries with Europe, Asia and CIS countries among the areas it encompasses.

According to an Oleg Boyko’s interview with FSTech. “There are roughly 2.5 billion people in the world underserved by traditional financial products and services. Those people are often concentrated in developing economies and frontier markets. However, even in mature markets, there are first-time financial consumers – Millennials in particular – for whom the old ways of banking don’t stack up. What we have, therefore, is a brilliant opportunity to rethink financial services and to reframe financial services so they serve this community.”

Finstar aims to create a system that enables us to render financial services to these underserved segments.

According to Boyko, Finstar’s aim is to create next-generation financial intermediaries using cutting-edge Big Data and artificial intelligence, as well as new technological platforms. FinTech will, to a large extent, replace today’s banking institutions on some level.

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