Raises $4.5M in Funding

iownitiownit Capital and Markets, Inc., a Houston, TX-based provider of a platform built to provide investment infrastructure for investors into privately held companies, closed a $4.5M funding round.

The round was led by a group of private investors.

The company intends to use the funds to complete the ongoing regulatory approval process and ensure the necessary licenses are in place before the official launch of the platform, to expand its business development and marketing efforts in its Houston headquarters, as well as to improve the technology and expand the feature set of the platform.

Led by CEO Rashad Kurbanov, provides the infrastructure to make investment transactions secure and effective for investors, entrepreneurs, and intermediaries. It is built on a permissioned, private blockchain that leverages the immutable elements of distributed ledger technology, while providing security and privacy to issuers and investors.
It is capable of supporting the private placement of securities such as equities, debt or other financial instruments while will not be supporting ICO issuance or crypto trading on its platform.



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