BlockCerts Blockchain Raises $25M in Funding

blockcertsBlockCerts Blockchain, Victoria, BC, Canada-based provider of a SaaS based smart office blockchain suite, raised $25m in funding.

Hillcore Group provided the funds.

The company intrends to use the capital to expand its global market presence, to further scale its deployment and configurable platform for implementation for businesses, and to evolve development via the decentralized mobile and web app developer communities.

Led by founder Tim Vasko, BlockCerts Blockchain provides a smart contract streaming solution and a suite of integrated SaaS solutions and its distributed ledger technology.
The company aims to resolve the many security issues and “gaps” which existed with e-signature contracts, file sharing and SaaS tools. Every business step is now connected to eliminate the silos in transactions and flows. A single BCERT Token empowers a dynamic smart agreement platform from KYC authenticated contacts, private instant messaging, instant file sharing, storage of every version, and transaction hashes along the way to drive BlockCerts Consensus across nodes.



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