ARC Devices Raises $5M in Funding

healthcareArc Devices Ltd, the parent company of Vital Inc., a West Palm Beach, FL-based data analytics company and emerging developer of connected medical devices, using bio-sensor technology to detect human vital signs in a reliable method, received a $5m investment from Avnet.

The funds will enable the market launch of Vital’s new range of products.

Led by CEO Mark Terrill, ARC Devices provides a comprehensive telehealth remote monitoring platform-allowing healthcare professionals to access and analyze patients’ vital sign data anywhere in the world.
The first Vital product, set to launch mid-year, is a connected multi vital sign handheld device measuring six vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and temperature.
The additional products on the roadmap are a non-invasive glucose monitor, as well as finger clips, separating individual tests for glucose and ECG monitoring.

Neil O’Leary is Chairman of Arc Devices and a major investor in Vital Inc.



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