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TransitScreen Raises $3M in Funding


transitscreenTransitScreen, a Washington, DC-based provider of real-time transportation information software, closed a $3m funding round.

Backers included Timia Capital.

bringing the total to

The company, which has raised $6.1m in total funding, intends to use the funds to enhance the capabilities of its mobile app CityMotion, continue hiring and increase its office space in Washington, D.C., and expand its presence in the corporate workplace vertical.

Founded in 2014 by Matt Caywood and Ryan Croft, TransitScreen is known for its displays of real-time information about all nearby mobility options in public venues, commercial buildings, apartments, and corporate offices. This includes traditional public transportation like subways and buses, as well as scooters, bikeshare, and ridehailing services such as Uber, Lyft, and Via.
In November, the company launched CityMotion, a mobility app for business commuters, including information about private employer-provided shuttles.