Needed Receives Investment from Sekhmet Ventures

neededNeeded PBC, a Los Angeles-based public-benefit corporation that develops nutritional supplements, received an investment from Sekhmet Ventures.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

Led by Co-CEOs and co-founders Julie Sawaya and Ryan Woodbury, Needed PBC is advancing nutritional supplements that are nature-first and clinically-validated for their superior absorption. The company pairs its products with fundamentals-focused nutritional education, and a community of learners, to empower customers to identify and meet nutritional gaps at every stage of life.

Needed’s first product addresses the need for Omega-3 (DHA and EPA) by leveraging a natural delivery system known as liposomes that facilitates nutrient protection and absorption. The company’s liposomal Omega-3 is a mild-tasting supplement that incorporates easily into consumer’s daily nutrition routines.
Future products will meet targeted needs throughout a consumer’s lifecycle, specifically during fertility, postpartum, and early childhood development.

Products are sold direct to consumers and through referrals by Needed’s community of health and wellness practitioners.



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