GeneQuantum Healthcare Completes Nearly RMB 100M in Pre-B Financing

healthcareGeneQuantum Healthcare, a Suzhou, China-based developer of bioconjugate drugs, closed nearly RMB 100 million Pre-B round of financing.

The round was led by Huagai Capital, joined by Hofon Capital and Changjinboya, Oriza Seed and TF Capital.

The company intends to use the funds to promote the global clinical development of next generation of ADCs, as well as the rapid development and layout of a series of differentiated innovative technologies and products.

Led by Dr. Gang Qin, Chairman and President, GeneQuantum Healthcare focuses on the research and development of various innovative bioconjugate drugs via a platform that utilizes an enzyme-catalyzed intelligent continuous conjugation process.
The company’s platform utilizes an enzyme-catalyzed intelligent continuous conjugation process, which has achieved pilot production for next generation of highly homogeneous ADCs with improved quality and reduced costs. The platform process advances the existing chemical conjugation based production mode and can be widely applied to the automated manufacturing of various bioconjugate drugs represented by ADC drugs.
GeneQuantum Healthcare has already established cooperation with pharmaceutical companies regarding innovative bioconjugate drug research and development.



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