Forecast5 Analytics Buys Public Finance Resources

forecast5Forecast5 Analytics, a Naperville, Ill.-based provider of decision support software to the public sector with 1,800 local government clients in 26 states, is to acquire Public Finance Resources, a provider of financial forecasting services for Ohio local governments.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed. The entire PFR team will join Forecast5 and a new office will be opened in Columbus, Ohio.

Led by Mike English, co-founder and President/CEO, Forecast5 provides a suite of data rich platforms for local government leaders to make financial, strategic, and academic decisions through data visibility. These tools assist with financial forecasting and benchmarking, monthly budget performance analysis, student data analysis, data transparency initiatives, and geospatial projects.

The PFR team serves more than 300 public school districts as a producer of state of Ohio’s required biannual five-year forecasts. Their approach of regular forecasting seminars for clients and a highly experienced staff of advisors will continue, and be enhanced, by the Forecast5 platform of cloud-based software solutions.




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