Elevate Security Acquires Phish5

elevate securityElevate Security, a Berkeley, Calif.- and Montreal, Canada-based integrated Security Behavior Training and Analytics platform, acquired Phish5, a phishing simulation suite.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The Phish5 product has been integrated into the Elevate Platform, and is renamed as Elevate Phishing.

Led by Robert Fly, co-founder and CEO, Elevate Security provides an integrated security behavior training and analytics platform which enables CISOs and security awareness practitioners to get holistic visibility into employees’ security behaviors, along with security behavior change tools, all in a single system.
Customers include Autodesk to Clover, among others.
The company is backed by Defy Partners, Costanoa Ventures.

Commenting on the deal, Haroon Meer, founder of Thinkst Applied Research, the lab that built Phish5, said: “We built Phish5 because we wanted to help organizations improve and measure their email security hygiene. Elevate Security is the freshest take we’ve seen at changing organizational security behavior, and an obvious first choice as the new home for the Phish5 product. We can’t wait to see what the smart folks there do with it going forward.”



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