Don’t Throw Used Textbooks, Set up Book Banks

As finals approach, many students are trying to find ways to get rid of books that they no longer use for school, or they won’t be using when the semester ends.

Many students take the easy way by grabbing a garbage bag and filling it up with all the used textbooks that they no longer use, and throw it away. However, there is an easier and better way to get rid of your used books! If they’re still in an okay condition and you don’t need them anymore, sell them! Selling them is very efficient as you will have more room, more money for future books, and you will be providing another student with a book they need for a lower price than their local book store. Selling them is easy, just head on to and start selling your used textbooks today!

Selling on BooksRun is extremely easy. Just enter the ISBN number, price the book, and ship for free. You will get paid via PayPal or check in as little as four days. BooksRun helps students save money by spending less on books and selling them back on the same website without loss of value. Your local book stores will likely give you 10 to 20% of what you paid for and then they resell it for almost retail price. However, when you sell on BooksRun, you can set your own price, or exchange with another book that you need.

Here is a list of things to consider when setting up your BooksRun account and start selling:

Why are you selling the book?

This will help you depart from your book easier. Is the semester over and you normally get rid of your books immediately? Are you just trying to declutter your room? Is it an old book that you will never use again? Or are you just trying to make some extra cash by selling used books? No matter the reason, BooksRun can help you start selling those extra books you have in your room to declutter your room, make extra cash, and get rid of old books you will never use again.

Is your book in good condition?

BooksRun only accepts books in good condition. Consider if your book has any missing pages, any torn bindings, or water damage. If your book is damaged, BooksRun will not accept it.

Once you’re ready to sell your textbooks, finding the right platform is essential. Students want to get the best value for their textbooks.

Here is a list of reasons to sell on BooksRun:

Free shipping: You don’t have to worry about going to the post office, standing in line, or paying for a label. When you sell a book on BooksRun, we send you a free label for you to print and tape to your package.

Free tracking is included: You want to get paid, and your customer needs their book as soon as possible. A tracking number will be provided to both, the seller and the buyer to ensure that you both know where the book is.

You get your money fast: When selling a book, you want to receive your money as fast as possible in case you want to buy another book before it’s sold out. With BooksRun, you can request a check, or a PayPal payment and you will receive your money within four days of shipping the book.

You have time to ship the book: Many online sites give you 2-3 days to send the book. We give you five days to send out the book. The sooner you ship it, the sooner you get paid!

You will always be in the know: You don’t have to keep checking back online on Booksrun or the UPS/Fedex website. You will receive notifications until the book is delivered and you receive your payment.

You can rent the book rather than selling it: If you like the book and think you will use it in the future, you can rent it on BooksRun and you will get it back by the rental expiration date.

Selling is easy on BooksRun. Just enter the ISBN found on your books, check the pricing and choose your pricing, you will then get a label when someone buys it, ship it for free, and get paid!

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