WTWH Media Acquires EngineersGarage.com

EngineersGarageWTWH Media, a Cleveland, OH-based Business-to-Business media company, acquired EngineersGarage.com, a website that provides electrical engineers and college students with content within the electrical engineering field.

Founded in 2010 by Arpit Jain, EngineersGarage.com focuses on open source technologies as well as project tutorials with aim of empowering engineers with technology applications.
The site has grown its community to over 450,000 members and delivers over half a million sessions monthly from users across the world.

Led by Scott McCafferty, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, WTWH Media is an integrated b2b media company serving the electronics, design engineering, hospitality, life sciences, renewable energy, retail and robotics markets with more than 45+ web sites, 12 events, 7 print publications and custom digital marketing services.
The acquisition compliments the EE World online brand of sites and resources while expanding its hands-on tutorial content for engineers and higher education reach. WTWH Media will continue to invest in resources to expand the user community reach and begin offering new marketing opportunities to reach this highly-valued targeted audience.



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