Vortex Biosciences Receives Investment from EMV Capital

cancerVortex Biosciences, a San Francisco, CA-based leader in liquid biopsy of circulating tumor cells (CTCs), received an investment from EMV Capital.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

EMV Capital took a controlling stake in the company, which aims to use the proceeds to accelerate its development efforts.

The Vortex Biosciences VTX-1 instrument is fully automated, providing highly purified, intact CTCs in approximately 1 hour.These CTCs are available for downstream fluorescence, genomics, cell culture, PDOX and single cell analysis

Led by Robert Englert, CEO, Vortex Biosciences provides an automated, label-free, benchtop solution for isolation and purification of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) from a standard 8ml tube of blood. The VTX-1 instrument rapidly processes the sample through micro vortices to enrich the CTCs and delivers these highly purified cells into a choice of collection formats. These samples are integrated into downstream genomics, protein markers testing, single cell analysis and staining techniques. The blood tube can be processed to also preserve the ctDNA content of the sample for downstream NGS analysis.

Vortex Biosciences is a spin-out from UCLA’s Microfluidic Biotechnology Laboratory and was founded by Dini Di Carlo, PhD and Elodie Sollier, PhD.



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