Start Up Trends to Watch for in 2019


With each year that passes, new technologies and new ideas are being created and changing the way we operate within our daily lives.

From the ways we communicate with our loved ones, to the way people are doing business, technology has enabled entrepreneurs and creative minds to develop new ways to offer their products and services to a global market. Here are five new and promising start-up industries to take note of for 2019:

  • Freelance services. Many people are choosing to ditch their traditional office environments to work remotely, and some are even taking things a step further to offer their specialized skill-sets to more than one company as freelancers. From content writers, to graphic designers, people all over the globe are setting up shop from their local café or living rooms to make a living without having to commute to an office five days a week. As remote work grows in popularity, start-up companies and established companies alike are realizing that freelance services provide a more affordable option to meet their labor needs.
  • Sharing Economy. From Uber to Airbnb, sharing services have proven to be major disruptors to industries like hospitality and transportation, giving people the ability to use things they already have to make a profit by offering what they own to others in their community. While the sharing economy is becoming more competitive, thanks to the popularity of the concept, there is still opportunity for startups in this arena to develop concepts that will expand service offerings.
  • Pet Care. American’s alone have catapulted the pet care business into a multibillion dollar industry. From mobile grooming services that come to your home, to dog-walkers on-demand, people are willing to pay up when it comes to their pets. With little more than a smartphone and a digital payment processor, people can now provide concierge-like services to pets, and make a living doing so!
  • Mobile Businesses. Today’s businesses no longer need traditional brick and mortar locations. Clothing shops, food trucks, business consultants and food delivery services can all be operated on the go. Business owners are cutting overhead costs on things like rent by offering their services on the road. From pop-up shops, to fitness classes, people are now able to provide goods and services wherever a market may be hot.
  • Digital Therapeutics. Digital technology is not only revolutionizing the way people do business, but it is also changing the way people treat certain medical conditions. Various forms of digital entertainment have been transformed into tools to help people receive medical treatment directly on their mobile devices. Doctors are able to offer their specialized services remotely, and can even write prescriptions for their patients after conducting a video appointment. There are even companies who now specialize in filling and delivering those prescriptions, making the entire process of going to see a doctor easier than it once was. While you still have to possess appropriate credentials to offer medical services, digital therapeutics are changing the way the medical industry operates which enables them to help more people than ever before.

Regardless of which industry you find most appealing, it’s clear to see that starting a business in today’s day in age offers greater opportunity and flexibility than ever before. An important aspect of any business is being able to accept credit cards and digital forms of payment for the products or services they offer.

While many start-up entrepreneurs have innovative and exciting ideas, accepting payments from a reliable and trusted payment processor is crucial to making sure your start-up is a success. Companies like Pinpoint Payments offer a full spectrum of payment processing solutions to start-ups and businesses who have been turned away from companies like Paypal and Stripe.

Developing a business that goes to the consumer directly, instead of making them come to you is a clear trend that new start-ups and established companies are recognizing. If you have a good concept and are smart about the way you utilize the new technologies available, creating your own start up could be the right move for you!

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