Small Business Promotion Tips and Hacks

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As a small business, the money you’ve set aside for marketing may be small or even non-existent.

For most small businesses, money has to be allocated to delivering a consistent quality product or service so it’s only natural for some budgets that aren’t as immediately important to be underfunded. Promotion happens to be one of those categories, as not only can it be expensive, but time-consuming as well. However, with the advent of the internet, the promo has become simpler and more streamlined. Here are a few small business promo tips and hacks you can do in your spare time to increase and inspire better business.

Socialize Smarter

Nowadays every business, big or small, has to have some sort of online presence. Having social media channels is a clever promotional tool because they’re free to create and can reach a wide audience in a short amount of time. To be even socially smarter, take some time out to actually reply to commenters in your feed. Brands that engage with real-time comments not only get noticed by followers but also make your clients feel a personal connection to your small business. It’s this personal connection that’ll keep your business in front of customers’ minds when they need to use or purchase your goods or services in the future.

Wall Decals

Whoever said “looks don’t matter” obviously wasn’t a businessperson. Especially for small businesses, coming across as professional and unified as possible can make or break a sale. Not only are potential clients going to be entering your base of operations, but potential investors and employees as well. To enhance your business spaces visual appeal and upgrade your aesthetic invest in and create vinyl wall decals of your logo, mascot, and slogans. Wall decals are an expensive way to enhance spaces and boost consistency. Wall decals are also less expensive than mounting elaborate wall installations. They’re also removable and reappliable making them cost-effective decor for temporary spaces.

Calls to Action

If you haven’t already, consider setting up an email list to keep clients, coworkers, and customers informed of new goings on in your small business. To fully capitalize on the power of email lists forgo the ending email signature and replace it with a call to action instead. Asking subscribers to follow through to a link or page can help increase website traffic which can also influence positive promotion. Including a discount or coupon within the email (that’s obtainable after a click of course) will encourage business from existing followers, but will also encourage them to tell others about your promotions too.

Business Stickers

You probably have a stack of business cards taking up space in a desk drawer or file folder that you haven’t looked at in years. Business cards are essential for everyone at any company, the only problem is they can be a little boring and unmemorable. To up the ante on business card competition turn your cards into custom business stickers. Stickers as business cards are a fun way to keep your business memorable for potential investors and will stand out amongst boring business cards if made with bold colors and a unique shape. Business card stickers are also an inexpensive way to add a finishing branded touch on otherwise plain office supplies (like folders or notebooks) that you may be giving away anyway.


Sometimes it can be beneficial for your business to team up with another one and get involved in a cross-promotion. Having another business promote you (in return for promotion from you) legitimizes your practices and gives you clout in your industry. It also helps cast a wider audience for potential business. For example, a cafe might buy their coffee from an independent supplier. The cafe may promote a deal on bags of coffee in exchange for the supplier promoting the cafe. This makes fans of one want to give business to the other and vice versa. This can also be a money saver as you can split costs for joint campaigns.

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