Phoenix Raises $4M in Funding from the US Army

Phoenix logoPhoenix, LLC, a Madison, Wisconsin-based nuclear technology company, secured $4m in funding.

The US Army awarded the funds to demonstrate innovative neutron-based methods of nondestructive testing utilizing its high flux neutron generators.

Led by President Evan Sengbusch, Phoenix designs and manufactures neutron generators. Its technology has been safely used in the aerospace, defense, medical and energy sectors to improve manufacturing efficiency and quality.
The company has designed and delivered neutron generators for a wide range of practical purposes including neutron radiography of aerospace components, nuclear fuel inspection, radiation effects testing, threat detection, and medical isotope production.

In 2014, Phoenix was awarded a $3 million contract with the Army to design and build an accelerator-based neutron generator to be used for nondestructive inspection of critical defense components such as munitions and pyrotechnics, which cannot be inspected for certain defects using X-ray.
In 2016, the company was awarded two more contracts valued at a combined $3.6m to design and build a second-generation neutron generator for detecting defective munitions and to conduct standoff buried IED detection using a Phoenix-developed mobile neutron generator prototype.



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