Cullgen Receives $16M in Series A Funding

cullgenCullgen, a San Diego, CA-based biotechnology company dedicated to the development of targeted protein degraders for the treatment of diseases lacking effective therapeutic approaches, received $16m in Series A financing.

Backers included Sequoia Capital China and Highlight Capital. Sequoia will also assign a board member to join the Cullgen board.

The company intends to use the funds for the development of its internal pipeline of targeted protein degraders in oncology and other diseases, as well as increase its efforts to discover novel E3 ligands that may be used as part of a targeted protein degrader complex.

Led by Dr. Ying Luo, Chairman and President, Cullgen is a drug discovery company leveraging ubiquitin-mediated, small molecule-induced protein degradation technology. The company’s research programs focus on novel treatment for cancer, inflammatory, and autoimmune diseases.
uSMITE™ (ubiquitin mediated small molecule induced target elimination) is its proprietary targeted protein degradation platform that is used to identify novel degraders that attach to a disease-causing protein and then signal the body’s ubiquitin proteasome system to eliminate the protein.



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