Amerborgh Sells Stake in Ohpen to NPM Capital

ohpenFirst investor Amerborgh sold a part of its stake in Ohpen, an Amsterdam, The Netherlands-based fintech company, to NPM Capital.

NPM Capital will now have a 35% stake in Ohpen.

Led by Matthijs Aler, CEO, Ohpen is a fintech company providing a SaaS, cloud native core banking platform that administers retail investment and savings accounts for Aegon, Nationale-Nederlanden, Volksbank and other banks, investment institutions and insurers.
In the near future, the company plans to extend its services to large banks and the pension market.

The company employs over 120 people in the Netherlands and Spain.

NPM Capital supplies risk capital to medium to large-sized Benelux companies that focus on long-term value creation. Following from its ambition to be socially relevant, NPM Capital aims to respond with investments to long-term trends such as wellbeing, resource scarcity and the rise of technology. Being a part of SHV, NPM Capital has a flexible investment horizon and ample supply of capital, which allows it to focus on supporting the long-term value creation of its portfolio companies. The portfolio includes 26 participations.

Amerborgh is a management company, investing in financial services, software development, hotel management, and property development. Amerborgh also supports and develops a variety of cultural projects and activities.



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