These Criteria Speak for A Secure Betting Provider

In order to become an active participant in sports betting, a user account with an online bookmaker is required.

But of course this should not be just any bookmaker, but a serious company with ideal service, performance and a large range of bets with high odds. Sports betting is a hobby and only a very small part manages to create the main source of income with betting. Whether hobby or profession, betting in the sports sector is always about real money and because you do not simply open an account with an unknown bank or buy an unknown product, for example, it is advisable to evaluate and select the providers. There are some points that confirm the seriousness, security and quality of a betting provider. These are briefly explained in the following article.

The opinion of others gives first hints

In the search for a supplier, customer reviews provide initial clues. The opinions of active or former customers often provide deep insights into the online bookmakers’ offerings. In addition, positive experiences are usually the decisive point that one begins the further research in the first place. This is not only the case for sports betting, but also for products and other services. Customer reviews can thus be the starting shot for the search as well as give further hints during the search for a bookmaker. There are numerous opinions, ratings and reviews about the betting providers. On the one hand, these are very practical, because the experiences made give deeper insights. The experiences made with customer service, the range of bets, the average odds and the applicability of the platform are addressed. However, customer opinions and the discussions that often result from them can quickly move to other subject areas and there is no guarantee of authenticity. At online casinos and online shops there have already been some cases of fake ratings. These then led either to a platform that could not offer what the customers were addressing, or even to a dubious provider, which ended in fraud. However, against fake customer opinions there is the means to read the opinions on different platforms and to observe the following criteria.

The license for gambling

In order for a sports betting provider to be able to legally place the offer online, the company needs a valid licence for gambling. Sports betting in Germany is regulated by the Gaming Act, since the outcome of a sporting event is in the future and is influenced by chance. This interpretation is still the subject of much discussion, because information, knowledge and experience minimise chance and enable reliable forecasts to be made for the outcome.

Nevertheless, betting providers need a license for gambling. This originates for example from Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, England and some other countries. In these countries there are clear and strict rules for companies. Even if these are formulated very extensively, it is the providers who benefit most. This is due to the fact that in other countries no precise data exist or have even been worked out. The betting providers can plan and carry out their operational activities on the basis of the strict but fixed laws of the federal states. The customer profits in the sense by a safe offer from an enterprise, which was examined and licensed by the state. The license is therefore the basis for the reliability and legality of the company, stands for security and quality. It is the most important feature for a good and trustworthy betting provider.

Certificates and seals of quality for best quality

Further indications for the quality and safety of a page are the certificates and test seals received. These come from different instances, both public and private, and can be compared to a foundation goods test. Sports betting providers often display certificates from MGA in Malta or the National Betting Authority of Cyprus. A seal of quality is awarded when a supplier has been extensively tested and of course has passed this test. If this is not the case, no certificate will be awarded. It goes without saying that the more one side has of it, the better and safer it is. The certificates provide information about the offer, the customer service or the user-friendliness. Moreover, they are only awarded for a certain period of time. This means that betting providers must constantly perform well in order to always receive good awards. The certificates as well as the license can normally be seen directly on the start page, after all these are the characteristics for security, quality and trustworthiness.

The bonus and other premiums for long-term customers

In the search for a good provider, the bonus payments always stand out. On average, the bookmakers offer a welcome bonus of one hundred percent on the deposited sum, up to a maximum of one hundred euros. Most betting providers have this offer, but not all. There are some who offer a bonus of 150 – 200 Euros or offer additional bonuses for long-term customers. These are, for example, free bets or special promotions, such as a ticket for a game. However, the following should be mentioned. Too high bonus payments or too cheap premiums often point to fraudulent platforms. For example, no serious betting provider advertises with a welcome bonus of 500 euros, because even the large providers on the betting market have no money to give away.

Customer service helps with questions and problems

If you have any questions about a betting provider, you can simply contact the support directly. This helps customers as well as prospective customers always gladly further. At least that should be the case. Because questions, concerns or problems can always arise, care should be taken to ensure that customer service is easy to reach around the clock, is friendly and patient and provides competent information. In order to find out how qualitative and helpful the support really is, the certificates, which often focus on customer service checks, the customer reviews or you test this directly with a short call and individual questions about the offer.

The offer of bets and odds

This clarifies the most important criteria for a reliable and qualitative bookmaker. The licence is the first step, because without it, the range of sports betting would not be legal on the market and, above all, neither regulated nor controlled by the state. The received certificates or positive customer opinions give further information about the security, the application as well as the offer of a page. Last but not least, bets and odds are also a selection criterion, as they are not the same for every provider. A bookmaker can offer higher odds on the same betting option than the competition does. A list of licensed bookmakers with information on the average odds can be found on

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