The Trends You Should Know To Be a Business Professional on Instagram

social mediaInstagram may have started as a nifty to share your life in pictures. However, from the power of active public use and a serious multi-million dollar acquisition, it has grown into a viral marketing tool. Serious businesses and brands have seen its potential. It is engaging, interactive and offers rapid feedback. Combining the power of stunning visual content and an almost word of mouth to the effect of reaching the worlds hardest niche, the millennial generation. This generation places a high value of what is hip and purposes more anything. It also has a massive buying power and influence on the future of how the world will shape up to be.

Your business needs to key into this market to hold sway in the current market and the future world commerce. Getting it right with Instagram is the right step in securing your place in an ever-changing world. Here are some trends you need to follow to make it on Instagram.

The All-Powerful Instagram Analytics

We are living in a data-driven world. Data is currency, relevance, proof of existence and so much more. These days many businesses have to reach decisions with the support of data behind them. With constant shifts in social media algorithms, it is crucial for businesses to keep an eye on analytics to gain a clear picture in how users resonate with their content and pivot their marketing strategies for maximized results.
Since 2017, Instagram has allowed business users to be able to peek into analytics and insights via Instagram’s API. By harnessing these analytical tools and constant user engagement, your enterprise’s reach will continue to expand.

Well-Timed Posts

In the recent past, the same old posts encumbered Instagram users for days sometimes weeks on end. This was a drag and made logging in daily pointless since there was seldom anything new on user timelines. The hardworking coders at Instagram submitted to the requests of the masses and switched up the algorithms. Now new posts appear synchronously on user timelines.

This new update is especially a blessing in plain sight for your business. Now you can consult the Instagram analytics for your account and see on which days and at what times you get the most engagements. Then formulate a plan on posting new content in those periods.

Augmented Reality Face Filters

Augmented reality is one of the hippest things to have happened to the cyber world since WI-FI. Many brands have harnessed this mass appeal to the effect of drawing many happy clients. Instagram has also started providing AR face fillers to its users.

AR face fillers will enable your brand to show a little more personality. It will also make your brand more relatable to the current generation. With Instagram’s affinity for business users, there should be cooler features available like better content, graphics, fonts, and banners to make your brand’s posts more appealing.

Shopping Features Made Easy For Mobile Devices

Back in 2018, the winds of constant shifting Instagram algorithms brought with it many shopping features. Now besides tagging a product on Instagram posts, you can also tag the products in stories and shop for the product through the “shopping Tab” found on the explore page. Your customers can also go shopping through links in your bio.

With the E-commerce acumen, that Instagram has proven to have. It comes as no surprise to see this feature grow into sort of affiliate marketing tool, where Influencers can tag your product and help you drum up more engagement and sales.

Instagram Stories Ads Will Continue To Drive Real-Time Engagement

This feature is still quite new, but with the popularity of Instagram stories, it will surely grow. With the cost of advertising on Facebook rising, many brands are making the crossover to this more affordable option. Instagram stories have a daily audience of over 400 million users; that figure seems to be reason enough to consider this option.

Many businesses have not caught onto this trend, so you are free to experiment and find what sticks. What’s more, it is still quite relatively cheap, that makes the potential return on investment (ROI) quite attractive. Also with the organic nature of Instagram content (vertical videos, selfies); you don’t need to splurge big bucks on photography and graphic design. Simply add banners, fonts, emoji, tags, and your post is Instagram ready.

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