The Best Tips and Tricks for Successful Sports Betting

Since the introduction of e-sports in the repertoire of providers, the Sports betting offer has become even bigger, better and above all more exciting. But before you get started and place your first bets, you should think about a few basic things.

Even if you should call yourself an e-athlete and be able to compete with the biggest players or have extensive knowledge of the games of different sports, it is crucial to take a slow approach to sports betting. After all, it’s always about real money. In order not to miss the hobby with sports betting or the goal of earning a little money on the side, the following are the most important tips and tricks on how to bet successful sports betting.

Sports betting on real and virtual sports

The first question to be asked is whether there is any difference between sports betting in the real world and e-sports betting. In e-sports, different video games are played in multiplayer mode. The most popular are LOL, DOTA 2, FIFA, Counter Strike and Star Craft. Bets are offered on the games, which in principle do not really differ very much from sports bets on real sports. However, there is one or the other differentiation. First of all, it is clear that the range of betting options on the League of Legends game is quite different from sports betting on golf games. There are far more live bets than in real sports. In addition, the bets are much more exciting. That’s due to several points. On the one hand, the length of the games is much shorter. A good example of this is FIFA, where the matches are completed in a short time, usually ten minutes, while the real matches last ninety minutes plus half time and stoppage time. By the strongly increased speed of the plays, also the offer at ratios is around some higher. Thus more tension is offered by more risk and higher odds.

Sports betting strategies for e-sports

There are numerous possibilities and variety among the betting providers when it comes to games and betting options. Just think of the almost infinite range of events in the game at League of Legends. Of course there is only one winning team on the podium in the end, but until then the game can be very variable and there are sports bets on all these moments. Of course, this also means that you have to have good knowledge of the sport or the game yourself. To develop a strategy for sports betting you need knowledge. Knowledge is divided into two areas. One is the knowledge of the sport itself and the other is the knowledge of the betting market itself. To be successful, it is advisable to create accounts with several bookmakers, because each provider has different high odds. So you can compare the odds with each other and always have the best odds on a betting option. In addition, you must always check the betting offer of e-sport, because this can change daily, in some cases even hourly. An important tip is not to bet high stakes on a bet, as otherwise you may quickly face total bankruptcy. It makes far more sense to bet with many small bets to spread the risk better. The odds themselves play an important part in this. These should always be analyzed, because possibly an above-average odds on a safe bet is offered. Normally, a high quota stands for a high risk. In some leagues and games, however, high odds can still be found, the search for them is definitely worthwhile.

Knowledge is the be-all and end-all for successful sports betting

The best advice for anyone interested in sports betting or those who have already created an account and want to get started soon, is to seriously address the issue of sports betting. Here is an example from real sport, the German cup in football. It plays one of the best teams from the first league against a bad team from the regional league. Which team will win. This forecast is made relatively quickly after following the leagues, tables, statistics, expert opinions and general sports news. Although this is a simple example, it can also be applied to all sports, leagues and competitions in e-sports. The typical e-sports are held in large competitions, which can be followed either live or via the Internet. Not in every country, Europe has a lot of catching up to do compared to Asia and America, e-sports are recognized as a real sport, even though players from all over the world participate, millions of spectators follow the events and it has become a billion-dollar business. However, to be successful, you need information. Even if information research about e-sports is not as easy as it is for popular sports, it is not impossible and essential for targeted forecasts, safety and responsibility.

Sports betting with a sure instinct

It is now clear that knowledge is the most important component for successful sports betting in both the real and virtual realms. Sports betting with responsibility is only possible with the right information. If the knowledge is available, one can begin to perceive individual betting options. This will allow experience to be gathered over time, both positive and negative. Both can be rated as good, because in both cases one learns from it. Over time, more knowledge about betting in general is gained, such as learning to use odds. A high quota brings a high risk, since the probability of the event occurring in the game is very low. However, if you are convinced that such an option will nevertheless occur and you want to protect yourself, there is a sophisticated strategy. By placing many bets that have a low odds, i.e. also a lower risk, since the events are highly likely to occur, one can compensate for a high risk bet. If the high-risk bet with high odds is now bad, you don’t lose any money because the many small betting options make up for the loss. If everything goes according to plan, you can look forward to the entire profit.

Such tips and tricks are plenty when it comes to sports betting. Most of them are to be applied to real as well as virtual games. Further tips from experienced betting professionals can be found on Openodds. On the site you can also find further topics about the sports betting business, how the betting tax is paid and there is a list of the best betting providers for e-sports.

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